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Thank you for visiting this website, and for showing an interest in my brief biography.

My background is perhaps unique when compared to other attorneys: I spent several years pursuing my dream of becoming a professional racing driver before ultimately deciding that I wanted to simply help peopleā€”a decision that has led me to meet and represent people that are often left without a voice when insurance companies try to resolve personal injury and wrongful death cases.

I founded The Lyman Firm to help you during what is perhaps a very difficult time in your life. Having handled thousands of personal injury and wrongful death cases, and tried numerous cases in front of a jury, I know what it takes to navigate the complex and contentious situations involved in a lawsuit. My experience in the courtroom is unparalleled when compared to my peers, and I know how to handle just about any legal situation relating to personal injury and wrongful death.

My philosophy for the firm is based on a few simple ideas: treat others as you want to be treated; empathize with people and what they are going through; and always do your best, no matter what. What that means is you get representation from my firm that is focused on the human being, not on numbers, and I am up-front with my clients about possible case outcomes. While many lawyers advertise heavily and promise massive recoveries, every case is different, and it is very important to be candid about potential results.

I treat every client like a member of my family: you can call me not only for matters related to your case but for any other legal matter that may arise in your life.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I look forward to helping you.


2451 Cumberland Pkwy SE, Suite 3424
Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone: (404) 267-1986


The Lyman Firm

2451 Cumberland Pkwy SE, Suite 3424
Atlanta, GA 30339