Tractor Trailer Accidents

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Georgia tractor-trailer cases are unlike other automobile claims.  While both involve accidents on the roadways, claims against trucking companies are much more complex.  Additionally, the carnage resulting from Atlanta trucking accidents often results in wrongful deaths or catastrophic, life-altering injuries.  Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers have extensive experience litigating against trucking companies and have consistently helped clients maximize their outcomes in these cases.

The biggest difference between Atlanta automobile accident cases and trucking/commercial vehicle cases is the application of state and federal regulations controlling the operation of these vehicles.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, and the Georgia and United States Departments of Transportation have issued hundreds of rules and regulations strictly controlling the use and operation of these vehicles.

These regulations govern commercial drivers’ qualifications, driver fatigue, daily inspections of vehicles, annual inspections, driver’s logs, drug testing, hazardous material transport, maintenance, and insurance requirements, among many other issues.  Violations of these regulations can significantly impact the value of your Atlanta personal injury case, and your lawyer must have an intimate understanding of these regulations in order to properly pursue your claim.

Because of the complex nature of trucking company operations, including their legal relationships with employees and independent drivers, brokers, shippers and others, there are many ways to establish liability against trucking companies and related entities and individuals, and many ways to make costly mistakes that can reduce the value of your case. Too much is at stake in a case against a commercial vehicle to risk having a lawyer that thinks that just because they can litigate car crash cases, they can properly and successfully pursue a Georgia truck wreck claim.

If you would like to discuss a claim involving a large truck or commercial vehicle, please contact us and let one of our experienced Marietta injury attorneys discuss the matter with you.  If you retain our firm, you can expect representation by injury lawyers who understand the complexity of this task and the importance of the result.

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