Workers Compensation

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Workers’ compensation is designed to provide medical care and two thirds of lost wages (up to statutory limits) in the event that you are rendered disabled because of an injury sustained at work.  The system is “no fault,” meaning that as long as you’ve had an accident that arose out of, and in the course of, your employment, the injury would fall under the purview of the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Statute.

Our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced litigators in the often complex field of workers’ compensation.  We gained our experience by defending employers and insurance companies that were sued by injured workers like you, so we know how to evaluate and litigate a workers’ compensation matter from both “sides” of the case.

If you’ve hurt yourself at work and are having problems getting the medical or disability benefits you deserve, please give our Atlanta injury firm a call.  If you’re on workers’ compensation and are being offered a settlement by the insurance adjuster, please consider having us represent you for purposes of fair negotiation of your settlement.  Don’t rely on your employer or your employer’s insurance company to take care of your workers’ compensation claim.  Allow an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to advise you and represent you instead.

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